Necam Ford Transit RPM Filter+ Lambda

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Necam Ford Transit RPM Filter + Lambda.
Used as a filter for the gas system to see the engine RPM. Common fault on older conversions is if this filter stops working or is intermitant then the gas system will show signs of poor running, stalling and in some case will not swith to LPG.
Please note that we cannot accept returns of purchased electronic equipment from our shop after it has  been fitted to a vehicle and the product secuity seal broken.
We advise that any LPG repair work done on the engine or gas system should be done or checked by an 
approved LPG installer. Autogas 2000 Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage occurring to either 
the product or engine from incorrect fitting or misuse.
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  • Product Code: 800.0200
  • Brand: Necam GFI
  • Condition: New
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