Autogas System LPG Check and online registration to website

Product Code: UKLPG Check
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We are offering a service to all Autogas vehicle owners to get a converted LPG vehicle registered onto the new UKLPG database used by many of the leading insurance compaines.

This inspection is completed here at our workshops in Thirsk.
The check is entered on the UKLPG vehicle register database and can only be completed by registered UKLPG Approved Installer and Approved conversion company.

Afterwards the the end user can do a simple online check to make sure that their car is registered by entering their vehicle registration number into the website

Check includes;

* Tail pipe Emissions to confirm that the vehicle is calibrated and running correctly.
* Leak checks across all LPG joints and connections including LPG tank(s). 
* Tank(s) suitability and safety including the checking of any pressure relief valves and dates etc.
* Secure fitting of all major LPG components.
* Correct installation of LPG tank fixing and any possible corrosion.
* Full under vehicle examination of LPG fuel pipe routing.

Almost all major insurance companies will have access to this database.

  • Product Code: UKLPG Check
  • Brand: Autogas 2000 Ltd
  • Condition: New