AEB 425 OBD2 Emulator

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AEB425 OBD2 Emulator

OBDII - μFIX EMULATOR - Code AEB425. The OBDII - μFIX emulator has been developed for VOLKSWAGEN, SKODA, SEAT cars equipped with 5 wire lambda probe, BOSCH or NTK type, and with OBDII or EOBD diagnosis system. To install the emulator on different cars from the ones mentioned above, please contact A.E.B. Technical Service. AEB425 must be installed on the oxygen sensor before the catalyst, that is to say the nearest to the engine; we recommend to carefully follow the assembly instructions supplied with the product, because a wrong wiring connection can cause malfunctions to emulator and car. AEB425 is connected to the wire of the oxygen sensor signal and to the car diagnosis plug; it communicates with the gasoline injection central unit and, according to the data it receives, it generates a oxygen sensor signal that it sends back to the injection central unit, thus preventing it from changing the carburation parameters and from switching on the engine failure warning light.

Comes complete with AEB instruction booklet.
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