AEB 362 signal amplifier

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AEB362 signal amplifier

This device is used on those cars that have a coil negative signal - also called “weak” signal - that is to say with an amplitude of 5 V, on which you wish to install an A.E.B. electronic commutator. This type of “weak” signal is a feature of some Opel or General Motors cars on which, if you install an A.E.B. electronic commutator, it is necessary also to use AEB362, because the coil negative pole with amplitude of 5 V (weak signal) is not compatible for most AEB electronic commutator that, without AEB362, would not sense the rpm. Only if you install an AEB714 - AEB715 - AEB774i - AEB614 - AEB615 - AEB674i commutator you must not install AEB362, because these commutators have already inside an amplifier and therefore are capable of running both with normal signals with 12 V amplitude and with “weak signals” with 5 V amplitude.

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  • Product Code: AEB362
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