750mm Stainless Steel Pigtail Butane nut 21.8 x W20

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750mm Stainless Steel Pigtail
High pressure LPG Pigtail hose with Butane nut 21.8mm x W20 nut fittings.
The pigtail connects to the various gas bottle valves but can be used on our range of underfloor gas tanks to connect the tank to a remote W20 gas regulator in the event that the regulator is remote mounted.

Manufactured to ISO 10380
We advise that any LPG repair work done on the engine or gas system should be done
or checked by an approved LPG installer. Autogas 2000 Ltd cannot be held responsible
for any damage occurring to either the product or engine from incorrect fitting or misuse.
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  • Product Code: 136.1004K
  • Brand: Autogas
  • Condition: New
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